& Bespoke Retro Clothing
& Bespoke Retro Clothing

About Giddy Aunt

Giddy Aunt started life as a small vintage clothes shop in Narberth, West Wales. Donna, AKA Auntie opened the shop 4 years ago, her passion (some say obsession), with all things vintage, especially the 1950’s now had an outlet! The beautiful little shop soon attracted a loyal clientele who return again and again to peruse the rails. There are not a lot of vintage and retro outlets in the sleepy rural county of Pembrokeshire so Giddy Aunt was a sight for sore eyes for the vintage vixens and guys living locally. Along side the fabulous hand picked vintage clothes, accessories, jewellery and lovely things you can find in Giddy Aunt and our men’s wear department ‘Bob’s Yer Uncle’, you can also find a full range of our hand made retro inspired clothes, as, once we opened it soon became apparent there was a need locally for a seamstress who could offer bespoke 50’s style dresses, Auntie sprang into action! Dusting off the sewing machine and sharpening her scissors, Giddy Aunts ‘Dresses for Girls’ service began. Using vintage dress patterns and, offering a range of fabrics Giddy Aunt soon had a rail of her own range of clothes that were not only unique to the shop but one offs too.

Orders for individual pieces soon followed and Giddy Aunts bespoke handmade dresses have become ever so popular with brides, bridesmaids, prom queens and retro chics alike all hankering after that unique vintage inspired look that only Auntie can provide.

Not wanting to ignore the boys, as it became increasingly evident that the vintage boys were feeling a little left out when it came to retro threads, Auntie started her ‘Shirts for Boys’ service. Inspired by Cowboys and Rock a Billy style, Auntie started sewing shirts and these have proven just as popular as the dresses…It seems the retro chap about town is as eager to own a bespoke piece of vintage style attire as his good lady!

We know how hard it is to dress vintage everyday, so our handmade clothes give the vintage feel with modern fit and fabrics, and…we know affordability is ever so important to our customers too, so our range is realistically priced with dresses starting at £75 and shirts from £65…made in Britain, sweat shop free and retro; what’s not to love!

How does it work? Simple! You chose the style, the size and the fabric, we make it and send it to you. Easy!